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Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here. Many of you don’t know that while I was in college, I got in a terrible car accident. I was forced to drop out of school to recover. During that time, I picked up a habit. I started listening to motivational books on tape. Before you know it, I had a library. I started my career working for Tony Robbins. Eventually, I moved from training to technology. I had leadership roles in startups that became big media brands like CBSSports.com, NBC Internet, & FOXSports.com. Next, I started a company that was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. I was living the life of my dreams. Until everything changed, in a heartbeat. The market crashed. I lost everything. I went nearly $400,000 in debt. I had to rebuild myself, from the ground up, and get to the other side. Today, I’ve taken this experience, and combined it with lessons I’ve learned from others. My purpose is to use it. Use all of it, to help people grow.


What Now? Academy

My mission is to help change the world through entrepreneurship. To empower an army of entrepreneurs, just like you and me, that are dedicated to making a difference. That’s why I founded the What Now? Academy. To help leaders develop their vision, generate cash, navigate financial roadblocks, accelerate their growth, and build the business of their dreams. But that’s not all. Our goal is not only to build businesses. It’s to help our students become the best version of themselves in the process. Our faculty is comprised of some of the top entrepreneurs, innovators, and key executives in the world. #NoFakeGurus. No #InstagramInfluencers. REAL business men and women, who have built REAL businesses, and continue to make an impact.

Scott Duffy interviewing Brendan Burchard for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Host & Facilitator

I still can’t believe it! I started my professional speaking career over 30 years ago! Back then, I promoted and sold tickets to see the industry’s icons, by conducting training workshops all across North America. From Tony Robbins, to Jim Rohn, and Les Brown, I had a front row seat to watch, learn, and study from the best in the business. Today, my business building experience with big brands, coupled with my days in the trenches as a bootstrapping entrepreneur, enable me to provide real world experience and practical lessons that can be applied immediately. Why are these presentations so effective? Because I share it all. The big wins and even bigger failures. The business and personal issues we all face, but nobody else wants to talk about. As a result, I’ve been listed as a Top 10 Speaker by Entrepreneur and Top 5 Most Influential Motivational Speaker. My unique speaking and business background make me the perfect Host & Facilitator for your next event, video production, or podcast.

Scott Duffy and Ryan Deiss

Business Strategist

One of my favorite things to do is work with entrepreneurs and executive teams and take them through a proprietary “Business Mapping” process I have used at CBS, NBC, FOX, VIRGIN, and with countless small businesses. I love to get in, roll up my sleeves, and help them build great companies. My clients walk away with a clearer vision, strategy, and plan for moving forward. Through my VIP Days, VIP Coaching, and VIP Mastermind they also walk away with a community that will hold them accountable.

Breaththrough Book Kindle Version

Tools & Resources

For years, I’ve had a passion, maybe even an obsession, with learning. I’ve used my television, radio, and online platforms to interview people who are the best in the world at what they do. I take what I learn, and combine with my experience, to create a playbook for leaders and organizations. In my latest book titled, “Breakthrough” (published by Entrepreneur Magazine/Entrepreneur Press), I share the stories and lessons learned from people including Gary Vaynerchuk, Sara Blakely, Richard Branson, Daymond John, and more. Readers walk away with a step-by-step roadmap to prepare for entrepreneurship, take ideas to market, and then grow, scale, and position to sell. On this website, I also share free videos, blogs, books, articles, and other resources to help you win.

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Covid-19 Guide To Pivot, Adapt, & Monetize

Ready to change the world? Looking for a roadmap during these uncertain times? A step-by-step guide to help you pivot, adapt, and monetize.