4 Lessons in Entrepreneurship

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1. Dream Big
So you want to sell to millions of customers? Then go for it! The bigger the size or your vision, the bigger the size of your potential reward. Remember: every successful big company began in the mind of an entrepreneur just like you.

2. Think Small
When dreaming big, focus on delivering one product, that solves one problem, for one very targeted customer. There are riches in niches. If your niche is big enough, you can influence millions of people.

3. Fail Forward
As an entrepreneur, you need a thick skin. It’s vital that you learn not to take rejection or failure personally. Instead, be grateful for it! And be grateful for feedback as well. Learn from each one of these things. Use them as the vital tools they are for moving forward.

4. Embrace Technology
Being an entrepreneur is about having a vision for the future. Part of that means keeping up to date with the latest technology. Leveraging technology will help you launch and grow your business further, faster, and with far less capital.

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