Launch @ Inc.: 5 Tips For Bringing Your Big Idea To Life

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Are you eager to bring your Big Idea to market? But, are you starting to have second thoughts because you envision obstacles in your way? Or, do think you don’t have everything you need? You are not alone. These pre-launch jitters happen to most successful entrepreneurs, even the big guys like Richard Branson and his myriad successes including The Virgin Group.


I’ve come to understand that a positive and resourceful outlook is absolutely essential for any entrepreneur to turn his or her big idea into a reality. And by that I mean, entrepreneurs need to understand the key difference between having resources and being resourceful.


None of the successful people I know started with everything they needed; they had to assemble what they required every step of the way. They understood that you can back your way out of any problem that stands between you and your dream. Here are 5 tips for bringing your project to life – and overcoming the obstacles.


1.    Get Clear

If you are getting in the way of possibility, ask yourself these questions: What is your big idea? What is keeping you up at night? What would you pursue if you knew you could not fail? That’s your Big Idea and the one you need to be resourceful about bringing to life.


2.    Break Your Idea into Small Pieces

No matter how big the vision, you will always improve your chances of success by breaking the job down into smaller, bite-sized pieces and attacking them one at a time. Look at your big idea, one step at a time, to reach a goal.


3.    Be Resourceful

Nobody starts out with everything they need to succeed. The best entrepreneurs are resourceful enough to pick up the pieces along the way. There are dozens of entrepreneurs who had ideas that at first seemed too big as to be impossible for mere mortals. They saw openings, came up with solutions, and applied them. Sometimes the solutions seemed crazy to most people, but the entrepreneurs didn’t let that stop them.


4.    Surround Yourself with Great People

Nothing is more important than the people you surround yourself with. Naysayers may think it is impossible, but that’s just because they’ve never seen it done before.  Stay away from them.


Find role models every step of the way who have accomplished what you set out to achieve. Find out how they did it. Learn their beliefs, their strategies, and the order in which they did things.


If you want to build a million-dollar business, you need to spend your time with people who have already built million-dollar businesses. If you want to build a ten-million-dollar business, you need to spend your time with people who have already built ten-million-dollar businesses. Maybe you want to build a billion-dollar business but think you can’t get to billionaires. That’s no more than a convenient excuse. Pick up a book by Warren Buffett, follow Mark Cuban’s blog, or attend live events with Tony Robbins, Greg Reid, or Mark Victor Hansen.


5.    Execute Like Crazy

Outwork, outthink and outsmart the competition.

In the end, if you want to make your project successful, you need to look at the bigger picture in a new way. Sometimes we’re just not open-minded enough to recognize the opportunities around us, but they are there, every single day, in every direction you look, globally, locally, everywhere.

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