Business & Burgers S01:E10 – Shattering The Glass Ceiling With Glassybaby Founder & Chairwoman, Lee Rhodes

It all started in a kitchen… While in the midst of her third battle with cancer, Lee Rhodes dropped a flickering tea light into a hand-blown glass vessel. The serenity in that moment inspired Lee’s life mission to create an exceptionally beautiful product while providing resources to help others on their journey to health and healing. That altruistic spirit would be the secret sauce which catapulted glassybaby to international notoriety, and earned Lee Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, becoming the first female to be honored with the illustrious title.

Lee speaks on the unique challenges facing female entrepreneur, and how she overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We break bread at Skillet Diner in Seattle where Chef Nick Novella has prepared a stunning fennel crusted fried chicken sandwich as well as a custom heirloom tomato and caramelized onion veggie-burger! Are you ready to make a difference? Start by listening to this moving interview with glassybaby Founder & Chairwoman, Lee Rhodes.

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