Business & Burgers S02:E02 – Importing Brilliant Business Advice With Ugg Founder, Brian Smith

From selling merch out of his van on the sunny shores of Southern California, to creating a billion dollar international fashion brand, UGG Founder, Brian Smith, embarked on a long road to reimagine advertising and reach savvy consumers. This Aussie came to the west in search of the next big business opportunity to take back home. Instead, he discovered a missing staple of surf culture, sheepskin boots, and pivoted his business model to imported goods. As we now know, this fashion trend would sweep the nation – but it didn’t start out that way…

After sinking his teeth into a mouthwatering Lockhart Legend at Grub Burger Bar, Brian relives those first few years of rejection, slow growth, and at last a breakthrough! His epiphany? Authenticity breeds success. Once that lesson had been learned, UGG blossomed into the global phenomenon it is today. Now, Brian lives by this credo: Feast upon uncertainty, fatten upon disappointment, invigorate in the presence of difficulties, and enthuse over apparent defeat. Learn how you can turn struggle into success.

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