Business & Burgers S02:E12 – Notre Dame Football Legend, Rudy Ruettiger, Conquers Odds & Hearts #Rudymovie

Football legend and motivational speaker, Rudy Ruettiger is an all-American hero whose story captured the hearts of millions in the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster, Rudy. How did he persevere through cumbersome dyslexia, bad grades, and disadvantageous stature to become a star player on Notre Dame’s football team? Rudy shares how having a dream, what he calls ‘the edge’, sheer determination, and asking “why not” in the face of his critics got him where he is today.

As we sink our teeth into the amazing grub from Black’s Sliders’ food truck at the historical Star Mill in Utah, we learn why courage is quite possibly the most important characteristic for those embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are started every year; to be successful leaders must embrace failure as an integral stepping stone to a prosperous future. Find out how your ambition, hope, and tenacity can inspire others to dream big as Rudy leaves us with two important lessons to carry into our business and personal lives.

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