Must Do Delegation Tasks For Every Entrepreneur Who Want’s To Do It All

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So you want to be Superman. Here’s how to avoid your kryptonite Aka Not Delegating work.

What comic book character best describes the entrepreneur? Superman, for obvious reasons. Entrepreneurs are the heroes of business. They start companies, execute tirelessly, and are on call 24 hours a day. In the early stages, they put their stamp on everything, assuming responsibility for all decisions. They’re the driving force behind all that gets done and delegating tasks will help.

But we all know there’s more to the Superman story: kryptonite, one thing that can knock Superman down. For entrepreneurs, our kryptonite is the failure to delegate. If you want to grow your business and maximize its potential, it’s crucial to hand over responsibility to others—the sooner, the better.

I’ve spoken to countless young entrepreneurs over the years. And although their business models and industries vary, they often them make the same mistake: taking on all responsibility of their business. The difference between the entrepreneur with the million dollar business and the one with the $100K business boils down to delegation.

The most successful business owners spend their time on what is most valuable to growing their business and delegate the rest to others. This can be difficult for many entrepreneurs, as we’re used to being in control of everything. But you’ll soon see how much more you can accomplish when you stop insisting on handling everything yourself.

Ready to grow your business? 

Here’s how to start delegating Tasks


Make a List of Everything You Do

For one week, make a list of everything you do (both for your business and personal life). Include as much detail as possible. Circle all the administrative tasks—reading email, scheduling meetings, creating presentations, standing in line at the post office, returning phone calls—that don’t require your close level of attention and that you can hand off. Next, take a look at non-administrative tasks and decide what can be handed off to other members of your team.

Same Systems, Platforms, and Tools

Get all your employees and assistants working on the same platforms and systems for email, contacts, and calendars. Live in the cloud with shared folders, voice calling, and video calling. Make sure that your infrastructure is in place so you can grow and scale with little effort. This will also make it easy for you to check in on tasks you’ve handed off to others.

Once you have delegated administrative tasks to other team members, it’s time to get back to your role as an entrepreneur, CEO, or whatever position in the company suits you best. It’s here when you can put your talents to best use—and grow your business, of course. 

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