Find the Diamonds Buried in Your Back Yard

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There’s an old story of a man who lived in a beautiful riverside house in ancient Persia. He ran a thriving farm, was married to a lovely wife, and was the father to many happy children.

One day, a priest visited this man and explained how the earth was formed. In doing so, the priest told the man about the diamonds and precious metals beneath the earth.

“If you found diamonds, you could buy many farms,” the priest said.

Hearing about diamonds, the man was no longer content with his lot. He sold his farm, and found his family a small apartment to rent in the city. Then he traveled all around the world, searching for diamonds.

Eventually, his money ran out. Stone broke, he returned to his family and was forced to search for a job.

That same day, the new owner of the farm was walking along the stream and saw a reflection. It turned out that the land beneath was rich with diamonds.

This story reminds me of something one of my earliest business mentors, Al Checchi, told me. At the time I was a young man searching for my purpose, unsure of my potential.

“Everything you’re looking for is right here,” Al said. “It’s right under your feet.”

If you’re not sure you’ve got an idea to launch a successful business – look again. You don’t need to travel around the world to find it. Opportunities are all around you, right now, whatever your situation.

Look again – because the answer you’re seeking may be closer than you think.

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