How My Nightmare Day Became My Dream Job

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One of my worst memories is from the late 1980s.

Back then, I was a carefree college student at the University of San Diego. In the fall of 1989, after completing my midterm exams, I decided to head south on a road trip with a group of friends.

We felt like we deserved a break on the sun-soaked beaches of San Felipe, Mexico.

A few miles south of the border, a truck pulled out in front of us. We smashed right into it. My head slammed into the windshield. All of my buddies were injured too.

The truck just drove off, leaving us to find our own help.

The accident left me broken – physically and mentally. I felt uncertain that I’d ever get my life back on track.
Yet it was only because of this tragedy that once I recovered, I found my dream job working for the motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

What happened? While I recovered in hospital, I was in too much pain to even watch TV. All I could do was lie on my back and listen to audiobooks.

I had to keep the volume barely above a whisper, so the sound of the books didn’t hurt my pounding head. I listened to motivational books by John Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, and of course Tony Robbins.

What happened once I recovered? I was determined to work with Tony Robbins. I sent him a huge package, enclosing my resume, a flier explaining how I could help him, and items representing Robbins’s biggest accomplishments – including his books and tapes.

Because of that package, Tony invited me for an interview. I got a job working for Tony Robbins!

From that experience, I’ve come to see every set-back as a growth opportunity. We all have the ability to learn from our difficult experiences and use them to move closer to our goals.

How will you move closer to your goals, today?

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