How to Let Go of Your Hardboiled Excuses

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It’s easy to make excuses. Excuses allow you to stay the same. Excuses mean you can have your dream without walking the tough road of making it happen.

It’s far harder to drop your excuses and take action. But if you want to make a success of your life, that’s exactly what you must do.

Everyone makes excuses. It’s human nature. But what distinguishes people who succeed from everyone else is how they deal with excuses.

Instead of letting their excuses hold them back, successful people let their excuses go.

You’ve probably got excuses you’ve been holding onto for years. They almost feel like part of you. They’re so tough and hardboiled, you feel it’s impossible to let them go. They’ve become part of a crazy story you tell yourself about your life.

How about saying goodbye to that crazy story?

Here are some questions you can use to soften your excuses. Once you’ve got the measure of what’s holding you back, you’ll be ready to kiss it goodbye.

Ask yourself:

  • What might happen if I made the decision to let go?
  • How would my life be different if I dropped my excuses and went for my dreams?
  • What would change for me if my biggest dreams became reality?

The only thing holding you back from your dream is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have it.
Let go of that story, and your dream will come find you.

It’s time to seize today with everything you’ve got. Start living the life of your dreams.

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