How to Transform Your Big Idea into an Action Plan

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Entrepreneurs are go-getters.  We love making things happen and getting stuff done.

Our biggest question is “When can I get started?” We’re like a dog chasing a ball. We just want to get going!

When it comes to running a business, it’s crucial to be clear on what you want from the start. And that means pausing to reflect before you begin. Having a plan drastically increases your chance of success (read on to find out how much).

Going from dreams to action might seem like the ideal way of doing things. But believe me, it’s far better to have a plan first.

I’ve found it’s easier to take time to reflect if you’ve got a process to follow. That way, you’ll know once you’re done planning so you can get moving!

You’ve got your Big Idea. Here are five steps you can follow to turn your Big Idea into an actionable plan.

? Set uber-clear goals. Clear goals are specific, they can be measured, and they have a deadline. Saying “I want to make five million dollars” isn’t enough. Nor is “I want to increase sales.” You need to set deadlines and be specific on how you’ll achieve your goals. That’s why it’s important to…
? Turn your goals into a plan. It’s all very well having goals. We need goals to inspired us to take action. But goals are meaningless without a plan to achieve them. Having goals increases your chance of success by about 20%. Pretty good, right? Well, this will blow your mind: having goals and a plan of how you’ll achieve them improves your odds of success by 400%. Seriously, if you’re planning to be successful in business, write a plan.
? Make your plan manageable. A goal is vital, and plans are essential. But plans are useless unless you take action on them. Break down your plan into actionable chunks. That makes it easier for you to know what to do, and it means you can measure your progress towards your goal.
? Prepare for roadblocks. Even the best possible plan will encounter obstacles. No one gets it easy breezy 100% of the time. If you’re prepared for things to go wrong, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated when problems come your way.
? Follow established paths to success. Want to tweak your plan to be the best it can be? Then find other people who have achieved your goals. Ask them how they did it. You can write your plan around what worked for them.
Once you’ve run through these steps, you’ll have a plan you can follow. Not only are you ready to take action. You’re ready to take the right action that leads to your goal.

Get started on your plan today. It will make your life a whole lot simpler.

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