Introduce Yourself with a 30-Second Commercial

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You might believe that success in business is all about having the right product, marketing plan, or business vision. That’s true, to an extent. But the reality is, people invest in people.

How other people see you matters.
What Do Other People Really Think of You?

On one of my programs, I run a personal branding exercise. During this exercise, I run a session that opens the eyes of participants to how other people see them.

To start the session, I get everyone to mingle and talk to one another. I only do this long enough for everyone to get a chance to make a first impression.

Then, everyone in the room gets an index card. They look around the room, and choose one person they’ve chatted with. They write on the index card their first impressions of that person.
What’s written on the index cards is always enlightening, and often shocking or upsetting to the person being described. That’s because how other people see us falls a long way short of how we see ourselves.

One guy thinks he’s outgoing and personable. On his index card, he’s described as obnoxious. Another participant believes she’s confidence personified. Her index card describes her as aloof and arrogant.

If you don’t get to grips with your personal brand, you’ve no idea what other people are thinking about you.

What do you want other people to think of you? I’d like to share a short exercise you can use to give the right impression when you meet new people.
How to Write Your 30-Second Commercial

First impressions matter. People make up their mind about you within a few seconds of meeting you. It’s vital that you do everything you can to help them make the right decision.

That’s why I recommend putting together your own 30-second commercial. This is a tool you can use to introduce yourself in a crisp and clear fashion. It’s worth spending time crafting this, as you’ll use it every time you meet someone new.

Your 30-second commercial should include:

  • Who you are. This is your name, your title, and a one or two sentence description of your business.
  • Who you help. Next, describe your ideal customer. You’ve got 10 seconds to do this, so be as specific as you can within that timeframe.
  • How you help them. What do you do for your customers? What results do they see?
  • The ask. Once you’ve explained all of the above, ask the person you’re talking to if they know someone who would benefit from your services.

Now, anytime someone asks what you do, you’ll have a response prepared. What’s more, each time you give a response, you can tweak it slightly. Over time, you’ll see what gets the best reaction from people.

By making the right first impression, you’ll entice people to want to find out more about you. Once they’ve invested in who you are, they’re more likely to invest in your business.

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