My mission is to help change the world through entrepreneurship. To empower an army of entrepreneurs , just like you and me, that are dedicated to changing the world.

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Many of you don’t know that while I was in college, at the University of San Diego, I got in a terrible car accident. I was forced to drop out of school to recover.

During that time, I picked up a habit. I started listening to motivational books on tape. I was inspired by so many incredible speakers including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Denis Waitley. Before you know it, I had a library of books and audio cassettes.

I started my career working for Tony Robbins. Eventually, I moved from training to technology. I had leadership roles in several early stage companies that became big media brands like CBSSports.com, NBC Internet, & FOXSports.com. Next, I started a company that was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

I was living the life of my dreams. Until everything changed, in a heartbeat. The market crashed. I lost everything. I went nearly $400,000 in debt. I lost my health. I lost my marriage. It seemed like everything I had worked for had fallen apart. I had to rebuild myself, from the ground up, and get to the other side.

Over the past several years, I’ve taken this experience, combined it with lessons I’ve learned from others. My purpose is to use it. Use all of it, to help people grow. I do this through my television and online channels, speaking and hosting platforms, best-selling books and podcasts.

Today, my mission is to disrupt the education industry, and to do it in a way, that provides an affordable education for every entrepreneur.

You see, I believe that education in America has become the great “unequalizer”. The cost of a college degree makes attending a top ranked school impossible for most people. And those who do graduate often wind up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

To make matters worse, those who aspire to be business owners leave college without the practical skills they need to launch, grow, and monetize their ideas. People who have lost a business or a job don’t have the tools they need to adapt. And who doesn’t have a side hustle today 😉

That is why I launched the What Now? Academy. The Academy builds and private labels online schools for the most forward thinking companies in the world. This includes creating branded content, community, certifications, and degree programs. By combining the power of our training content with the reach of our corporate partners, we have the opportunity to educate millions of business owners around the world and help them to live their dreams through entrepreneurship.

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