3 Tips For Surrounding Yourself With Good People

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People make a huge impact on your life and on your success as an entrepreneur.

The time you spend with others is both sacred and a valuable investment in your future.

How to surround yourself with Good people:

  1. Cut the Roster

Ironically, the first step in building a strong professional network is to take inventory and eliminate those who should not be on it. You want to surround yourself only with people who are heavily interested and invested in your success. To get started on narrowing it down, try writing down the names of the five people you spend the most time with (excluding your family). If there is anyone on that list who does not support you and your ventures, cross them off of your list, and work to find a replacement.

  1. Find Three Mentors

Do you have a mentor? Odds are, you probably do. But what few people recognize is that you should have more than one.  In fact, you should have three. Find people – not just one person – who share in your aspirations. How can you expect to build a million-dollar company if you refuse to get advice from people who already have? Immerse yourself in the way your mentors see the world. If you spend enough time with them, part of what makes them successful might just rub off on you.

  1. Find Someone to Mentor

It’s not enough to be mentored. You should also be a mentor yourself. For example, working with younger entrepreneurs can be mutually beneficial.  On the one hand, it may help you to see things from a whole new perspective.  On the other, you’re passing off your wisdom to the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

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