Why Your “Wacky” Idea is Your Best Asset

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Do you get told that your business ideas are wacky? Or that they’ll never work?

If you listen to the naysayers, you’ll never make your business dream a reality.

I’m not saying that all wacky ideas are good ideas. You’re never going to get rich building racing carts for mice. But many good ideas were labelled “wacky” when they were first proposed.

Most of the people who hold megafortunes do so because they came up with a genuinely new idea or new way to improve upon something old. And if you read the biography of almost any inventor, you’ll see their idea was so revolutionary that most people thought it would never work. Yet even when they were told they were crazy, they didn’t let that hold them back.

Inventions are about creating a new technology. But you don’t have to create a new technology to be an entrepreneur. You’ll be even more successful if you work out how new technology could be useful to everyday folk.

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time were the first to see how a new technology could be applied. Bill Gates made his fortune by creating computers that ordinary people could use. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are multi-billionaires because they realized how to make the internet useful to everyone. Jeff Bezos saw the potential of the internet as a mail order platform, and Amazon.com was born.

All these entrepreneurs had “crazy” ideas about how difficult technology could be made more accessible and useful.
So don’t stress about being called “crazy” or “wacky”. Just make sure your idea is useful to other people. That’s the path to real success.

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