Will Your Launch Burn This Much Rocket Fuel?

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Launching a rocket is an intense, exciting and precise process.

Did you know that more than 97 percent of a rocket’s fuel is used up getting three feet off the ground?

Launching a business is pretty much the same deal. You’ll put in a mammoth amount of effort just to get your business over the start line.

That’s why knowing how to launch effectively is so important. Why put all that effort in if you’re just making heat and light? A successful rocket launch always beats gravity. But beating gravity alone doesn’t make for a successful launch.

I’ve spent fifteen years helping tech businesses take off from ground zero. Several of the start-ups I worked with later became part of big brands, including CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet, FOXSports.com, and Virgin Charter.

Many were huge successes. Some were dramatic flops. I’ve come to see what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s the key to making your launch a success: do it fast. I recommend going from idea to market  in ninety days.

Speed puts you ahead of the competition. If you’re not fast, you’ll find someone has beaten you to market. Back in 1996, I helped launch a start-up in Silicon Valley. On the day of launch we had one competitor. Sixty days in we had nineteen. After nineteen days, that figure was a hundred.

Being fast also streamlines your attention. By focusing your energy and money, you’re less likely to waste time and resources.

So, launch your business like a rocket. Energy and speed are your closest allies.

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